Virtual Reality Apps

Here are the apps currently available on our Samsung Gear VR Headsets.

If you have an app to suggest, please let us know by filling out the form here.

  • Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit - Pilot a flying car and fly through LA catching replicants.
  • Discovery VR – Various VR videos.
  • Don’t Look Away – Horror game where you have to watch strange occurrences.
  • Earth View 3D VR – A 3D look at the earth.
  • Face Your Fears – You can choose from 3 different nightmares while lying in a bed.
  • Introduction to VR – Introductory VR content.
  • Jurassic World - A look at how it would be like to have a dinosaur right in front of you.
  • Magic Table Chess – VR chess
  • Minecraft VR – Classic Minecraft. Building worlds, infinite possibilities.
  • Netflix – Choose from thousands of movies to watch.
  • Oculus Prologue - tutorial of how to use Samsung Gear VR.
  • Oculus Video – Various VR videos. Updated with new content frequently.
  • Play With Me – Survival horror puzzle game.
  • Pyramids Roller Coaster - VR rollercoaster ride.
  • Samsung Gallery – VR pictures including Ela’s VR content.
  • Samsung Internet – Internet browser for searching the internet.
  • Samsung VR – Samsung’s VR channel with various types of videos.
  • Sky Fighter: Training Day – Fly your futuristic sky armor to successfully complete your training.
  • Story Up – VR videos.
  • Temple Run VR – Game where you collect coins and avoid being eaten by monsters!
  • Titans of Space – A journey through our solar system.

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